Making your expensive crazy colored hair last its longest!!

So, you just spent all this money all coloring your hair pink. blue, purple... You get the idea. You've washed it 2x and its already fading and doesn't look the same as when you left the salon. One of the biggest questions I hear in the break room is why are clients spending this much on hair color that doesn't even last? Ill tell you why. Because the crazy colors is what makes our clients unique from all the other clients out there, it what sets them apart from the rest of society. And because I was want you to stay the quirky individual we all know and love. I'm going to give you the scoop on keeping you creative color hair stunning for even longer between salon sessions so you get what you paid for.


1. Be prepared to not wash your hair as often. Yeah I get it, we all love kickboxing and jogging on the beltline or maybe just being greasy. But with that being said if you wash you hair more than 2x a week expect you color to fade fast my friend. Dry shampoo is going to be your new best friend.

2. Purchase a good color conditioner one that matches the color you already have. These color conditioners you can apply at home and will not harm your hair. they will freshen up your color with out the risk of damaging your hair. they come in many different color. a favorite brand of mine is...

3. Do your research, is this color right for me? Can I afford the upkeep? Your going to have the bleach your hair to achieve any of the desired creative colors. 

4. Pinterest is not reality when it comes to these colors. Majority of client who show me pictures from Pinterest have been photo shopped or shot with a ring light. As in excellent lighting.

5.Be prepared for the upkeep. Having rock star hair is an investment. It takes lot of maintence, time and money.